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The Free Party proclaims the goal of government & economic systems should not be the enslavement of Free People, nor the creation of private wealth for a few; but the proper management of the common wealth for the good of all, which is the natural right of all people.

"The Basics" guaranteed to ALL citizens.

Guaranteed Housing for All
Organic Food for All
Health Care for All
Clean & Safe Water for All


Clean Electricity for All
6 hour work day & 24 hour work week
Jobs for all who want to work
Paid Job Training for All
Free College Education
Free Local & National Public Transportation System
Telephone & Internet for All
Environmental Conservation
The Free Party Platform
6 Hour Work Day / 24 Hour Work Week
Passing legislation to limit the hours of labor to 6 hours a day and 24 hours a week, represents an immediate emancipation from the demands of a 40 hour work week. Workers shall receive no reduction in wages or benefits. 6 weeks paid vacation annually as a standard benefit. Learn more.
Currency Reform
Nationalize the currency, abolish the Federal Reserve System, and restore to the U.S. Congress the power to regulate the country's monetary affairs for the benefit of society and the national happiness. Fix the legal rate of interest at 1%.
Tax Reform
Institute a "Socially Beneficial Tax." Citizens should no longer be taxed on their incomes unless they are in the top 1% of income earners. 99% of citizens would enjoy the total profit of their labor. Where as 1% would receive the top rate of 99% tax free and everything above that would be taxed at 98%. Such a tax policy promotes the free market, encourages innovation and creativity, and rewards hard work yet puts a reasonable cap on salaries that the majority of the public could approve. In addition, tax revenues would allow the government to invest in healthcare, education, jobs, infrastructure and providing the benefits of modern society to all.
Election Reform
We supports the use of Instant Runoff Voting, citizen initiated referendums, ballot initiatives, recall elections, term limits and other measures to improve the health of our democracy and empower citizens to direct the government. We also support the direct election of judges to ensure democratic control of our justice system. Further, no one's right to vote should ever be taken away, not even violent felons. In a democracy, the right to vote is the bare minimum right of all citizens.
Co-op Revolution
Co-operative businesses, not government owned industries, are the ideal expression of economic organization because co-ops are locally owned and managed. Co-ops provide a structure for democratically controlled workplaces based on equality and equal distribution of profits.
Land Reform
Aside from sunlight and water, our most precious resource is our land. Our current system has promoted an uneven distribution of the land and given great authority to individuals and corporations to determine the use of "their" land which in truth is our common resource, America. As an initial reform, non-farming land owners should be limited to owning no more than 100 acres. All lands held by corporations and foreign owners should revert to the nation. All reclaimed land should be paid for at "above market value." New communities should be developed with the benefit of wise urban planning and government financing. A home for all.
War Referendum
At a time of war, let the people who will be doing the fighting and dying vote whether or not to go war by putting the question directly to the voters. Let those who vote yes, be the first to volunteer to fight the war. Every person that doesn't vote, shall have their non-vote counted as being against the war. Production of war materials shall only be conducted by the government, eliminate private profit motive for war. Based on a book by Allan L. Benson, A Way to Prevent War, 1915.
Regulate 'Illegal' Drugs
We advocate free treatment over incarceration. Drug use is a public health issue not a crime. Drug use should be discouraged as much as possible but people have an unquestionable right to live as they choose and to be free of unreasonable punishment at the hands of our government.
Crime Reduction
When the basic needs of people are guaranteed to every man, woman and child as a matter of right, a major source of crime will be eradicated. Opportunities for meaningful employment and education will be plentiful. The citizen will be free to pursue his or her interests, both professionally and personally.
Freedom to Live in the Country of your choice
Citizens have the right to travel and live where ever they want. National borders are arbitrary and a historical source of conflict. We favor a system of direct democracy that is strongest at the local level.
Restore Original Copyright Law & New Provisions
We advocate the original exclusive use of your copyright for 14 years and after that period the copyright shall revert to the Public Domain. However, if anyone profits from your creation (over $500 annually) the original copyright holder shall be entitled to 50% of the profit.
Abolish the Death Penalty
Make 50 years in jail the maximum punishment for any crime. The Death Penalty is a cruel and unusual punishment.

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