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  Yes, I am running for the office of Mayor in Richmond, Virginia as a write-in candidate. I ran 8 years ago as a write-in candidate for Richmond Mayor in the first election for an elected Mayor and I'm doing it again. I don't expect to win but I hope to raise some issues and get people more interested in participating in our government. Below is my campaign announcement from the front of Richmond City Hall on October 11, 2012.  

Raw Video from Press Conference from Silver.


This is a barebones website because I wanted to get something up quickly as a place holder. I will continue to update the site over the next couple of weeks.

Learn more about me and my political views by visiting my previous campaign websites. I founded my own political party in 2008 to layout my political platform, it is call the Free Party.

Visit my City Council blog, The Richmond Telegraph.

In my free time I film and upload a variety of subjects including Richmond City Council meetings, live music, stand-up comedy, and community events. View my videos below.


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