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Join the growing international movement to shorten the work day and 40 hour week.

May Day is the first day of May. It has its origins in the 8 hour movement of over 100 years ago. We celebrate May Day by continuing the struggle for a shorter work day. In the US, it's been 94 years [1916] since we've seen a reduction in the hours of the workday despite improvements in technology, machinery, and efficiency.

It is long over-due that we have more input into the management and use of our labor and shared natural resources. All workers should unite in demanding the shortening of the work day and work week. The 6 hour day should be implemented as quickly as possible for it to be a success of united political and economic action.

This year, PROTEST by working no more than 6 hours on Sunday May 1, 2011 or Monday May 2, 2011. When workers unite for this singular demand, we will soon enjoy more freedom and free time, with NO Reduction in wages or benefits.

What can you do?

Sign the Petition Please include your Name / City / State / Country .

Promote the six hour day in your daily life.

Start or join a Labor Union and make the 6 hour day / 4 day work week a central demand.

Tell your family, friends & co-workers about the six hour day.

Demand the six hour day from your elected representatives.

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• Protest on "May Day" (May 1) or the following Monday if it falls on the weekend.

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